Friday, June 03, 2005

Anarchists and Elephants


So I didn't clean last night. Instead I rode my pimp ride around - an old Italian-Style cruiser bike that I bought for a dollar and fixed up myself. It's tres Pee-Wee, being all red and white. I use it when I go to Vincent's or when I am just cruising around Soulard. Originally it was a wedding gift for Krystal, but her and her original fiancée broke up and I kept the bike for myself...

Later that evening I played 99 with Launa, my neighbor upstairs who works for the Black Rep (free tickets!). We had tried dominoes but neither of us could remember the rules, and the instructions that came with my set were apparently written by a Japanese-to-English dictionary on crack. So instead she got her Disney Princess cards out and played for awhile until Micah called wanting to meet her at the Anarchists' house.

Since Micah travels via Tinkerbelle’s pixie dust I had to drive Launa over. We hung out for awhile, and Micah and the whole group got all excited over their show at the Lemp Brewery this weekend. I would like to go, but since Jen is blind it is difficult to attend loud, chaotic events. But anyway, Micah had made a giant, multicolor, foam elephant head for the show and all the gals were oohing and ahhing over it. After a little bit more of that we all headed to the Lemp brewery.

If you've never been there at night, deep in the complex, let me tell you it can be a very cool/creepy experience. Random windows with light coming out, cobblestone alleys/loading docks, giant wooden doors and enough hiding places for an eternity of hide and seek. Not to mention music blaring out of whatever car someone was foolish enough to lend Micah that evening. Seriously, he is a great guy and you can't help but want to support his Peter Pan lifestyle when you can, but no way in hell is he driving my car...

So after a bit I left Launa to her own devices with the group and headed back home. She told me her place was open and I went up the rooftop to look over the city at night and drink an Amber Woodchuck. Anheuser-Busch looks like a castle from up there as the smoke billows in the moonlight... after finishing my drink I climbed back down to reality and went to bed. Then I woke up, came here to work, and started doing that social service thing I do so well...


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