Friday, June 03, 2005

Everyone Grew Up but Me.....


Well, this week everyone is growing up... everyone but me, that is. My best friend Chris got married Sunday and is now officially a full-time working, two-kid raising, never available to go out married man. My OTHER best friend Krystal is in a hospital room right now with her husband Brandon in the beginning stages of labor for their first child. Meanwhile, I laid out in the sun and went to the park this weekend. Sheesh....

I'm actually very happy for all my friends, and not the least bit jealous. I am the epitome of the long-term commitment phobic male. I like kids, and I like having a girlfriend, but the idea of having children and a wife still perplexes me. I can't wrap my mind around the desire to give up all of my personal freedoms just to fill the void of... damn, I honestly don't even know enough about why people do it to argue against it. Don't tell me love, I don't need to run to a courthouse and get the government to hand me a document telling me I love someone. And besides, Lilly Dog and I are getting along just find without the whole life changing thing.

Of course, having a full-time job is a change, but apparently giving people food stamps doesn't mean you have to shave or wear clothing that looks nice. This job reminds me of those early morning college courses that people would go to wearing pajamas with a big cup of coffee. I could tell you soooooo much more, but I've seen far to many people lose their jobs over comments on the web. I will say this - I am a true liberal, but after working here I realize that Blunt is right about one thing - the waste that goes on in this system is horrendous. If the people around me worked a full day everyday we could do this job with a quarter less employees than we have now. 'nuff said.

Quick note - Lilly has found a new hobby. She likes to go out in the yard first thing in the morning and walk up to the neighbor's fence. There are usually about twenty or so pigeons there eating birdseed. Lilly watches them for a minute, real quiet like. Then for no reason at all she barks one bark as loud as she can and watches all the birds fly away. She doesn't freak out, run around, or anything. Just barks. I think my dog is getting her first taste of power...


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