Friday, June 03, 2005

Lousy Neighbors, Soulard Style


My neighbors are at it again. Last night one of the two old alcoholics who live next door started cussing at me and saying my dog attacked his cat THROUGH A CHAIN LINK FENCE COVERED WITH BAMBOO.

They are pissed because I have complained to the landlady about their 3:30 AM arguements that I hear through the wall - "You're a F#$king retard, get a job, I don't care about these F#$kin neighbors" - and so on. My girlfriend is blind, so when she is spending the night the hoosierfest next door has a tendency to wake her up terrifed. I have been trying to be as civil as possible to these to as I am currently applying for the STLPD and do not want to jepordize a carrer over two old drunks.

So anyway, last night he is all yelling at me being equally parts annoying, nasty, and pitiful, when he makes the comment that "you, me, and the landlady are gonna have a sitdown." To this I replied - "Oh yeah? Who's side do you think she'll take, the guy who pays his rent on time each month and works full time or the old alcoholic who doesn't earn a dime?" "What?" (I was sure I was talking to that guy...) "You heard me." Next thing you know he's being all friendly again wanting to shake my hand. Hoosiers.

Soulard is an awesome neighborhood - A great place to ride my bike, walk my dog, talk to people, pick up a bottle of wine at Vincents, getting veggies and the Farmer's Market, etc. I have a pregnant best friend and her husband a few blocks away, and my other neighbors are great people who are helpful and friendly. I even got a friend of mine who is a wardrobe mistress at the Black Rep to move in above me. I have spent hours putting in brick flowerbeds, gardening, fixing old poles and decorating them, and in general keeping the place looking great.
And then superhoosiers move in next door. Before that they lived one door over with one of their mother's - they are in their 50's and old ma is about 300 years old. She lets out her crippled wiener dog and then says "Come on" nonstop in the EXACT same tone for about five minutes to call it back in. It would be funny if the whole situation didn't piss me off so much.
I know there are a lot of bad neighbor stories out there that would put this one to shame, but it's mine, and I can tell that it is far from over....


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