Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pabstsicle Parties and Tuna Tacos

So Jen and I went to dinner last night in Collinsville and while eating several different people came up to us to say hi to her. But what they don't realize is that Jen doesn't really remember random people from her high-school days. Hell, I barely do and I'm not the one who had four strokes...

This happens a lot in Collinsville, as everyone there seems to know Jen and her story. But what struck me as odd last night was that one of the women who "introduced" herself made a point to mention almost immediately that her four-year old daughter standing with her had leukemia. Now, that's horrible, no question there. But I found it odd the way it was brought up, as if her mentality was along the lines of, "I know something horrible happened to you, here's what horrible that has happened to us." The girl looked very healthy, and was a little annoying before I knew her backstory.

After I got home I called Launa to see if she needed help moving the couch again (fingers crossed) and to find out if she had any fried green tomatoes left. Her, Kate, and Sarah were all laying in her bedroom drinking wine through straws. So I went over, got some wine and a straw, and we hung out for awhile. We talked about movies, friends, and a particularly heartwrenching case I had earlier in the day, and afterwards Launa and Kate introduced me to their new invention - The Pabstsicle.

Apparently these two girls have figured they want to make popsicles of Pabst Blue Ribbon and Cosmopolitans (quite the combo). They didn't have cash to get ingredients for the Cosmopop-itans or whatever they call them, but they sure could afford a can of PBR! I was given an ice tray full of frozen beer with toothpicks coming out of it. It was gross, though not quite as bad if you didn't chew the ice. I told them they should freeze little Hoosier-Prizes in the middle, like tickets to a tractor pull or something.

Then the girls made Tuna Tacos - Tuna, Mayo, something green, and pepper in a tortilla. In reality they made wraps, but they insisted on calling them Tuna Tacos, so whatever. Then we hung out some more, Kate and Sarah went home, and Launa came over so I could loan her my collection of old VHS movies - Ghost Workd, Big Chill, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Beautiful Girls, etc. Stuff I hadn't watched in awhile. Although Jen loves Beautiful Girls, and better than what I thought it would be - Rosie O'Donnel notwithstanding.

Lilly says hi!!!


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