Friday, June 17, 2005

Putting the P(arty) in Pools...

So last night Jen and I went to a pool party in Maryville at the home of a couple she worked with during her practicum. We got there around 6:30 with Captain Morgan in hand. We had a good time eating, drinking, and swimming. Jen and I were kinda getting on each other's nerves before and after, but during the actual party we got along great. Thanks, Captain!

So a lot of the people there were middle-aged women, and when Jen and I went to the pool (we were the first ones in), the women all lined up on the deck above us to watch me get half-naked. It was like being in a zoo or something... I wish I had thought to sell tickets. They were making comments about being careful not to get drool on me and the like. But the pool was heated and they had a diving board and a slide... I got in a little trouble for pulling a dog in the pool, but I figured after the free peep show everyone got they could kiss my ass.

We swam for hours, talking to two other couples that, while not really close to us in age, were very close to us in mindset. I had a lot of fun swimming, the first time this year (except for a late night skinny dip with the anarchists that I ain't talking about...). So afterwards we go inside to change and walk through the owner's playroom - that is, the male clubhouse. It Rocked!

I'm talking a nice pool table, slot machines, a fully stocked bar, a player piano with tons of rolls including Johnny Cash, a big screen TV with surround sound, and a picture over the mantle with Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason playing pool in "The Hustler". Paul (owner of house) had bought this $5000 player piano from an old lady at a yard sale for $300. He actually TALKED HER DOWN from $500. He totally ripped her off, but that's his problem... So some other guys and I played pool, and I didn't leave until... well, until Jen complained and I had to leave. In her defense we were the next to last people to go, and she had to work in the morning. But last night was the first time she actually got on my nerves...

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