Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sick Neighbors and Broken Shields...

I was working on Krystal's bike outside last night (still) and as I was applying yet another coat of paint I heard one of the neighbor guys yelling. It went something like, "Mom! Mom! George is real bad! He's having a seizure on the floor!" while at the same time giving directions to an ambulance. BTW, I forget their names, George is made up. So I finish painting the bike and head upstairs to see Launa.

We stood at her window and watched as a fire truck and ambulance pulled up and blocked the street. No one seemed to be in much of a hurry, and after spending about fifteen minutes inside two paramedics (including a very attractive blonde woman - insert your own mouth-to-mouth joke here) walked the sick neighbor to the ambulance. He was stumbling around pretty bad, but at least he wasn't on a stretcher. Launa felt a little bad about watching, but I figured it was better than television... and besides, we got to talk about the last stages of alcoholism and the horrendous effect it has on the body.

When the ambulance finally began to leave, the male driver screwed up the shifting and jolted the whole thing violently. I had to laugh imagining patients in various stages of distress being jostled by some dipshit who can't drive. Anyway, neither neighbor has been home since and I haven't heard anything... so you know, the sick one is the guy from the first post. And no, I don't feel bad.

Right after all that Micah came by to get Launa... he was styled to the max as it was his last night in St. Louis until September. His job with the opera in New York City starts tomorrow and his flight left this morning. There was a big party for him, but since I got to see him before he left I didn't feel the need to go. He's a great person, and will be missed until his return. Best of luck, brother!!

The only other thing of substance is that the season finale of The Shield was a major letdown. That means nothing to just about everyone, but it is my favorite show and I hate to see it go bad. Of course the Soprano's had a week fourth season as well, but you never felt like they had jumped the shark... which I think the Shield may well have done. Alas. Vic Mackey, say it ain't so!!!

Lilly says hi.


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