Friday, June 03, 2005

Spring Flings


This past weekend was a great one! On Friday Jen and I went to the Venice Cafe and had some drinks out on the patio. Even though Venice isn’t technically in Soulard, it is about a minute from home and I feel like I can include it in my neighborhood. We sat in the baby doll corner behind a palm reader. As a cajun I have to admit that palm reading is nothing but a fun rip off… but people seemed to be liking it, and more power to them.

Then on Saturday I volunteered and she went to work. That’s where we first met, as I volunteer as an escort at the medical center where she works. She went on home and I came back to Soulard to help my pregnant friend Krystal and her husband Brandon move a new entertainment center in their home near Pontiac Park. They are trying to make room for baby, which had dropped that day. Brandon’s parents were also there, and his dad Ken is awesome - I have NEVER met anyone who honestly laughs at every single one of my awful jokes.

Finally I got back with Jen and we went to the Galleria to buy chapstick (Chardoney, Strawberry Margaritta, Pink Lady, and Vanilla Latte - why the hell are these marketed to kids?!) and then to Olympia for Calamari and Gyros - YUM. Jen and I loooove to eat good food, and we had many a foodgasm that night. Afterwards at home we didn’t hear the drunks next door, and we slept straight through the night - Lilly Dog even went in the other room to sleep…

So Sunday morning we woke up and went to Courtsey Diner on Hampton, something we have been doing almost every weekend now for the last few months. I play Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Rolling Stones, Patsy Cline, Melre Haggard, the Doors, and more on the jukebox. She gets biscuts and gravey and hash browns and I get - what else? A Slinger! YUM, a Diner-Foodgasm…

After eating we got all domestic and went shopping at Target… and it was creepy, being that it was about 9:00 on Sunday morning and our voices echoed through the empty store. Then it was back home to lay out in the sun drinking wine, eating peanuts, and listening to Mike Shannon get progessively more drunk as the Cardinals beat the Mets.

Later that afternoon we walked to Vincent’s to get some stuff for a bar-b-que at K & B’s. There was a free Rickashaw across the street when we came out, so we took it about five blocks to their house. After snapping a few photos we all sat out on the backyard patio and ate, drank, and was merry.

The next few weeks are going to get more and more busy, but that is the nature of Spring/Summertime. Thanks for a great weekend, St. Louis!


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