Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Training & Wheels

Ugh... I'm in training for child care this week, which means I have very little time to post here. It is easy and could be completed in about 8 hours, which of course means I'll be in training all week. At least I get an extra half hour for lunch. I'm surprised this training didn't consist of learning to say, "Gov. Blunt cut funding, you're screwed" in multiple languages.

I finished Krystal's bike last night, and I have held a deep sense of satisfaction ever since. Lilly liked it, and she seemed happy that I was no longer diverting my attention from her to something else. I will post a pic of it here soon.

I also bought a new bike this weekend, a 1960's Schwinn Racer that was in near-mint condition. It cost me $50, and even though the only fixing it needed was a light dusting, I can't help but love it. The original seat is still on it in perfect condition! I've been showing it off to disinterested neighbors for the last couple of days. I'll post a pic of it here soon.

As for this weekend, I spent Friday and Saturday with Jen and Sunday at a family picnic. Jen and I talked about our recent... er... "differences of opinion" and worked all that out. My parents, Jen, and I went out Saturday night for all-you-can-eat crab legs, trout, salmon, shrimp, etc., at the Sheraton at Westport. We had a great time, and I got to tell jokes at my father's expense most of the evening.

The worst part was when we were headed back to Soulard, I thought our exit ramp was closed and said, "That sucks nuts!" outloud. In front of my mother. I mean, I can curse in front of my parents, but I usually keep the slurping of testicles out of the conversation. Jen was crying from laughing so hard at me.

Sunday was a standard beer/bbq/cards/washers type of event, which was fun, but I had a beer headache when I left....

Oh, and the neighbor that is sick has a brain tumor and will likely die soon.

I gotta go back to training now. Lilly says hi!


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