Friday, July 01, 2005

Baseball and Breastfeeding

"I love the smell of hops and barely in the morning...."
-AB Neighbor

Questions to ponder today while working in an empty office:

Why did the Cardinals get spanked by the Rockies?

Why did Albert Pujols get 2nd Place in the All-Star Voting?

As I was explaining to a coworker yesterday who came here from Yugoslavia, talking about the Cardinals is like talking about the weather - you can walk up to just about anyone in the city and start a conversation about the Cards and find common ground. I spent $360 to buy my dad a personalized brick on the sidewalk around the new stadium for father's day. It was worth every penny...

Of course, one of the best places to talk baseball is the Soulard Barber Shop. For $7.00 you get a haircut at a place frozen in time. It's the one right next to Farmer's Market... not only do you get a great haircut, but they trim the hair on your neck with a straight razor, and will give you a shave for $5.00. Their number is almost impossible to find, but it's 241-5106. Try it. It gets bust on Saturday morning due to the Market foot traffic, and I have never once seen a female there, but that's not always a bad thing. And remember to grab a number when you go inside - you can always tell the newbies when they go in and just sit down.

Not much going on in the personal sphere today, just cleaning and packing for the weekend. Mark Twain Lake is a great place, sorta like Lake of the Ozarks without all the tourists and tourists traps. I like looking at Lilly Dog knowing that she is clueless, in no way comprehending the fun that awaits her in 24 hrs... this is what happens when you don't have kids, people. Your parental instincts get diverted...

My knee feels a lot better, but there is something sorta.. Rattling inside it. But I guess as you grow older that stuff starts to happen. Huh.

I had a case the other day that was difficult, and while I can't really talk about it here, let me say this: If your husband / boyfriend / significant other is beating you, TELL SOMEONE. File complaints. Make it known - because if you don't, and you defend yourself later on, they will call you a liar to your face. 'Nuff said.

I'm against breastfeeding in public. Sue me. These "Lactavists" (ugh) always argue that they can't control when the baby will want to feed, and it's totally natural, and people who are against it are the ones with the problems. Well, I can't control when I have to piss, it's totally natural, and yet I still leave the room to do it. Which reminds me, I saw a homeless man whip it out on the sidewalk this morning in Grand Center and let it flow... very disturbing, right next to SLU with cars just driving by. Maybe he was a "Pissavist". Actually, it was right up the street from where someone carved "Big Dick Rob" in the sidewalk. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't him...

Lilly says hi!


At 1:01 PM, Blogger JustLinda said...

I'm no lactivist but I'm going to have to disagree with you on the public breastfeeding thing. What, do you want mothers with infants to just STAY HOME? Those kids need to eat every 2 hours sometimes!

Or are you suggesting, like some do, that we go hide away in a toilet stall and feed our children there? Would YOU eat your meal in a toilet stall?

The fact of the matter is that 99% of breastfeeders are very discreet and you can't see anything. Get over it, look away, whatever. It doesn't hurt you to avert your eyes.

If YOU are uncomfortable, it's YOUR problem, not the problem of the mother feeding her child.


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